Timothy A. Bartsch


I have had a strong interest in electronics technology since my early child hood. I have always chosen to solve problems from a technological perspective and I am very technically inclined. I feel that R&D and technological advancement is very important for our society, our county, and its’ industries.

I’m not just passionately interested in technology; it is a major part of my life. I choose to stay involved on personal level through my hobbies and the way I live because I believe in it. I am always looking to better my knowledge, expertise, and skills.  I believe that I go above and beyond in the workplace and am a natural leader. Always looking ahead to the future, I continually raise the bar.

I enjoy working with others who share my affinity for science. I like complementing a team with my unique out-of the-box way of thinking. And look forward to what we as Americans will discover in the future.

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